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Meet Our Team.

We have both experienced trained coaches, as well as coaches in training!  Please feel free to take a look at who you might meet and who might help you reach your next goals!

Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 03-28-41 Brian Turner (_turner_irishdon) • Instagram photos and v

Brian Turner

Wushu Senior Coach


Stephanie Thomas

Wushu Senior Coach


Keith Ambrose

Wushu Senior Coach

National Medalist


Alex Marshall

Wing Chun Gold Sash

Wushu Senior Coach

National Medalist

Zahra ----------------------------- Wushu Junior Coach

Cameron ------------------------- Wushu Junior Coach

Alex F ----------------------------- Wushu Junior Coach

Kade ------------------------------ Wushu Junior Coach

Zach ------------------------------ Coach Program

Deacon -------------------------- Coach Program

Evie ------------------------------- Coach Program

Taylyn ---------------------------- Coach Program

Vikrant --------------------------- Coach Program

Beckett -------------------------- Coach Program

Taten ----------------------------- Coach Program

Charlotte ------------------------ Coach Program

Mary ------------------------------ Coach Program

Danya ---------------------------- Coach Program

Christiano ----------------------- Coach Program

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