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Sifu Sean Crites

  • Level 7 Gold Sash

  • Level 7 National Acredited Community Coach

  • 2018 Head Corner Coach, Wing Chun Fight Team (Foshan, China)

  • 2018 Multiple National Level Award Winning Students

  • 2017 Multiple National Level Award Winning Students

  • 2012 Team Canada Member

  • 2012 World International Silver Medalist (Huangshan, China)

  • 2019 Head Coach - Team Canada Wing Chun Fight Team (Foshan, China)

  • National & International winning students

  • Wing Chun Sifu

  • Youth Wushu Sifu

  • Competitive Kickboxing / Muay Thai / San-Da Coach

  • Club Owner

Sifu Sean Crites was Introduced to Ving Tsun (VT) in the summer of 1996 in Sudbury Ontario, Canada.  After meeting his Sifu and spending but a few short hours with him, Sean knew he wanted to be apart of this very intriguing system that was so new to him.  "The original system Bruce Lee learned" is what the pamphlet said.  Bruce Lee was everyone's hero!  Truth is Sean had no idea what he was about to embark on.  The journey he was about to begin.


A young troubled teen, heading down the wrong road fast.  Met a Sifu who became  a like father, a best friend, a mentor.  Sean engulfed himself in training.  He rarely came up for air.  Training sometimes 14 classes a week between Wing Chun and Taolu Wushu at the Sudbury YMCA & Laurentian University Gymnasium's.  Sean became an assistant coach for the Sudbury Wushu Demonstration team.


In 1997, Sean was awarded the Student of the year award.  This helped reinforce his drive to do good and succeed! Around this time Sean and his Sifu began training for the performances of the Chinese Lion Dance held on 4 different occasions for the Sudbury Chinese Association.


In Late 1998, Sean's Sifu relocated back to the Capital City of Ottawa.  Sean Spent a long time just going over everything he had learned, trying to piece together a better understanding of the drills and forms he knew, still not knowing how in depth the system is and how much he truly didn't understand anything!  It took a long time for Sean to he had to have more answers.


In the year 2000, Sean couldn't wait any longer and had to make the move to Ottawa to follow and reconnect with his Sifu.  Being welcomed back with the widest open arms, Sean began once again his journey through this wondrous path we call Wing Chun.  Sean spent 4 years training with his Sifu and sometimes Si-Gung (teacher's teacher) before having to move to Oshawa Ontario, Canada for personal reasons.


Living in Oshawa, Sean spent his first 3 years in the city working an obscene amount of hours.  The lack of training was leaving a void still needing to be further filled, however in April of 2007, Sean's daughter was born.  This was a magical moment, however one that wasn't about to help free up some spare time that would allow for training.


It wasn't until late 2009 that Sean started making regular trips to Ottawa to spend time with his Sifu and Si-Gung once again.  His Sifu spending countless hours in countless random locations passing on the knowledge that was guiding Sean towards his own understanding.  Sean was then lucky enough to share a rare 5 hour 1 on 1 session with his Si-Gung Master Walter Jakimczuk.


In 2011, Sifu Sean spent 3 months travelling weekly to spend time training with Grand Master Sunny Tang and the Wing Chun class of the Scarborough Sunny Tang Location.  In September of 2011, Sean was awarded his first degree gold sash, Certified under Grand master Sunny Tang and representing the Sunny Tang Kung Fu Family.


On March 5th, 2012, Sifu Sean Crites opened the Oshawa Wing Chun & Martial Arts School in Oshawa Ontario, Canada.  He currently teaches over 50 students between the adult and youth programs.


November 2012, Sifu Sean Crites represented Team Canada in the 2012 World International Wushu Championships, where he placed a silver medal in the open hand forms Competitions.  An article was then published in the Oshawa this week about Sifu Sean's success over sea's.


July 2013, Sifu Sean Sean students placed 2nd, 3rd, 5th, & 7th in the 2013 Ottawa Kung Fu Gathering held at the Ottawa Carp Ving Tsun School.


March 2015, Sifu Sean was awarded the Level 7 National Accredited Community Coaching certificate, and now works towards achieving his Level 8

August 2016 Oshawa Wing Chun Grand Opening, New larger location in Whitby Ontario

May 2017, Sifu Sean's kids and adult Students, took home 14 National Medals from the 2017 National Wushu Championships held in Toronto Ontario

May 2018, 3 of Sifu Sean's Adult Wing Chun Students took part in the 2018 National Wushu Championships, All 3 were awarded National Medals.

Nov 2019, Sifu Sean was the Head Coach for the Canadian Wing Chun Fight team held in Foshan China.  The Canadian Team placed many medals, Sifu Sean's Student brought home a World Silver Medal, Unfortunately losing to Russia due to a knee injury

Feb 2020 Sifu Sean's Student Conor Lepp Competed in the Ontario Winter Games, Taking first place in 3 divisions, giving him the overall Gold Medal.

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