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Red Balls of Fire


Welcome to the art of Wing Chun / Ving Tsun.  It's a relatively simple system built on scientific concepts and body physics.  This system is built on three hand forms, one Wooden Dummy form, and two weapon forms.  As with anything in life, one will get from the system, what they put into the system.

Learning this system takes years of intensive study before the student may adopt the Wing Chun system as a form of self-expression.  Wing chun has as its ultimate goal, the development of the total person; however the extent to which one wishes to pursue that goal is strictly dependent on the individual.

Message from the Sifu:

Our system is a little different..  I believe in order to learn something valuable, it must be trained properly and it must be tested.  You cannot have Wing Chun students who only train with Wing Chun guys doing Wing Chun drills..  When you meet the real world and find out the guy you're fighting, doesn't fight using Wing Chun, your chances of success drop drastically.  We incorporate standard boxing and kickboxing drills into our system, because these are the most commonly thrown punches and kicks, and even those who do not train, replicate something similar to Boxing. Our program teaches these punches (Properly) for realistic training purposes.  For those interested, we offer a full contact option for both training and competitions.

Book your free week trial today!  < Click to Book Free Trial  



Yearly Membership / Insurance Fee

Our Academy has a one time yearly membership and Insurance fee due upon registration.  This fee is

- $20.00 for light / no contact

- $30.00 for full contact

We wave this fee on the YEARLY LUMP SUM Payment.


Program Cost

3 Month Term - $120.00 / Month   OR  $350.00 Lump Sum


6 Month Term - $110.00 / Month   OR $630.00 Lump Sum


12 Month Term - $100.00 / Month  OR $1100.00 Lump Sum


Black Sash Program - $3000.00 (don't pay again till black)

Gold Sash Program - $4000.00 (don't pay again till gold)

Private Lessons - $50.00 / Hour

Email for Family Plan

Payments accepted are Cash, Credit, Debit, Check, E-Transfer



Schedule for Wing Chun

MONDAY......7:30pm - 9:00pm

THURSDAY......8:30pm - 9:45pm

SATURDAY......12:30pm - 2:00pm (Open Mat)

Private Lessons are by booking only


Uniform Requirements

During the trial period, just bring comfy clothes.  Our trial period consists of the free week trial and the first 3 months of membership.  After 3 months you are required to be in full uniform.


Wing Chun Required Uniform

Club Issue T-Shirt (Black) - $40.00

Club Issue Sash - $30.00

Club Issue Shoes - $40.00

Any Black Track Pants (No Stripes or logo's)



Membership Policy


Just like the rent, class fee's are due by the first of every month!  The cost is a set amount every month based on the cost of the facility and is not based on ones attendance.  Classes are still oporating even if you are unable to attend or chose not to.  Students that attend classes regularly and maintain an at home practice regime, excel the fastest.  It is up to you, to dedicate yourself and make the equipment and class fee's worth your time and money!

A class fee is often misconstrued as the student paying for the art, when in actuality, the art is free.  One could never afford to pay for the time and experienced given and received by the Sifu.  The Student pays for the lights and roof.  Everyone must pay and respectfully pay on time.  This is a great show of respect and support for your club, your kung fu family, your Sifu, and yourself!

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