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Oshawa Wing Chun Club Testimonials

Here you will find real life testimonials from some of the people who are currently members, or have simply tried our offered programs.  We appreciate all feedback and strive to provide great quality service every day.


Monica Hickey - Parent (Wushu Program)

Real-Estate Agent


When I signed up my son Jack for the YOUTH KUNG FU program at OWC, I had
no idea the immense positive impact the club would have, not only on Jack, but on my family as a whole. First, I was truly impressed with the Youth Kung Fu program. I noticed a positive change in Jacks overall ability to be focused in just a short period of time.

Sifu Sean Crites, who has some  remarkable credentials including being a World Wushu medalist, teaches with sincere passion and absolute precision. He has designed the program with a perfect mix of fun and discipline. He makes sure each child in the class has individual time with him and explains why the techniques learned are helpful in everyday life.

Sifu Sean's excitement to see his students grow and develop is infectious. Jack always looks forward to the classes! I had him in other activities before Kung fu, but none have excited him more.

After seeing how well run the Kung Fu program was, I felt encouraged to try
the PILATES and BOOTCAMP classes for myself and can honestly say they continue to excite and impress! Both classes offer exhilarating, challenging and engaging workouts. In other words, they are AWESOME!!

The OWC is a wonderful club with strong messages of empowerment, confidence
and positivity. OWC is also a HUGE advocate of Anti-Bullying, which I love.


I feel both privileged and honoured to be part of the OWC Family and encourage anyone who is thinking about joining ANY of their programs to do so without any hesitation. You will not be disappointed. :)"

Aaron Wallace - Parent (Wushu Program)

Graphic Designer


We were having a difficult time finding an active extracurricular sport or activity that Keagan was interested in pursuing; however, after his first Wushu introduction class he was immediately intrigued.  Being an active member at Oshawa Wing Chun since joining in December 2012, Keagan shows a strong passion and desire to practise Kung Fu Principals and works hard towards achieving personal goals.  Sifu Sean Crites, along with Keagan's other instructors have really helped out in encouraging and guiding him to show more focus, control, confidence, and self-esteem in everyday life.


Andrea Kirkwood-Look



As a mom of 2 kids under 4, it was hard for me to get motivated to find an effective workout routine. At the end of January, I decided to join the Oshawa wing chun facility. I started doing the Bootcamp and Pilates classes offered. I was warmly welcomed the very first time I walked in. I was ridiculously out of shape when I first joined, but Sifu Sean just modified exercises to my abilities. The classes are always upbeat and the exercise routines are never the same 2 weeks in a row. I love it!! When I first stated I was a size 14. In 3 months I have lost over 25lbs and have dropped down to a size 9-10. I have more energy, more muscle and I feel fantastic! Big thanks to all the dedicated people who work there!



Sherry Follett (Woman's Self Defense)

Counsellor (Social Worker)


I've only been to one of Oshawa Wing Chun's classes.  The Woman's Self Defense and Self Empowerment Program with Sifu Sean Crites.  I found him professional.. and he knows his stuff. Sean also has a great team who works with him. They are extremely organized, patient, and respectful. Ive learned more in 3 hours than in my 18 years being trained in crisis intervention & prevention programs. I plan on doing more courses in the future.



Ashley Joudrey

Mother, RMT


I highly recommend taking the OWC bootcamp classes for anyone who is looking to be motivated, challenged and have their bodies transformed, all while still having fun. It's a great friendly and energetic atmosphere. Not only does it work, but it's really fun. The routines change weekly keeping it interesting! This class pushes us beyond limits we wouldn't do ourselves. The OWC Bootcamp class shows results that we wouldn't see when working out on our own. I am loving the results, the classes and the people! I look forward to many more.



Melanie Neil

Facebook Review

So Great with the kids and parents.  We went for a birthday party and it was one of the best birthday we have been too.  We will be signing up here.

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