Safe Management "for parents with" Autistic or Aggressive Children

Welcome to our newest addition at Oshawa Wing Chun & Martial Arts! 

This unique program is designed to help parents with aggressive outburst's of any kind.  The program will cover punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, biting, scratching and more.  We provide safe, non painful ways to deal with aggressive behaviors and various methods of attack.  With simplified, easy to learn versions of the Wing Chun training drill known as Chi Sau, you will learn many different techniques for giving and receiving energy, while controlling the child's balance and position, holding them carefully and giving you opportunities to safely talk them down, all while in advantageous and non threatening positions. 

The S.M.A.A.C. Program is a 4 class program that runs once a week.  Each class will be 1 hour in duration.  All 4 classes are required to complete the full program.  Once a member has completed this program, he or she can will have an open membership to return and practice any of the classes for a low drop in fee. 


Class 1 will run first week of the month

Class 2 will run the second week of the month

Class 3 will run the third week of the month

Class 4 will run the fourth week of the month.

If there is a 5th week in the month, the program will be closed.

If a registered member happened to miss class 2, They can complete their program by returning the following month on week 2.  Punch cards will be provided for each member at the beginning of the program.

During the Elementary school year, S.M.A.A.C. will also offer a day time class once a week, giving members 2 opportunities to complete their program.

Too Book your spot, please fill out all of the form slots below and write book spot in the message box, somebody will contact you within 24 hrs.

We even cover biting babies & toddlers

Schedule: (Closed July & Aug)

Elementary School Year - Saturday's 10:00am - 11:00am / Tuesday's 10:30 am - 11:30am

PROGRAM LAUNCHES SEPT 2nd, 2017  (Registration open now! Limited space available)


Course and membership purcahse - $130.00 (4 classes total)

additional drop in class for review - $10.00 (members only rate)

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Testimonials will be posted once the program has launched.   BOOK NOW!