The Oshawa Wing Chun & Martial Arts Youth Kung Fu Program

We value our children, and as a parent I am no stranger to this fact.  We live in a world full of violence and anger. Destruction and hate.. We also live in world of beauty & love.  Our children are a big part of these joys.  Along with this, they bring us worry and fear.  Wouldn't you feel a little bit more comfortable knowing that your child has common sense, discipline, confidence, and the ability to defend themselves in most situations.  The ability to think quick, and act accordingly.  For them, it is priceless knowledge and skill that becomes second nature.  For us it is a small piece of reassurance that can go a very long way!


At Oshawa Wing Chun & Martial Arts, we have carefully developed a youth program that will help our kids get comfortable from any situation or position they could find themselves in.  This staged system is designed to help kids learn faster, set goals and achieve them on their own personal club charts, respect family, friends, the elderly and the less fortunate.  Most importantly to respect themselves.  We also impliment a 4 stage Leadership Program that will target confidence and problem solving.


A full system that incorporates Jumps, spins, acrobatics, athletics, blocks, punches, kicks, jump kicks, take-downs and defense, Wrestling, Submissions and defense (at higher levels), weapon control (at mid levels), Weapon use and forms (at higher levels), Competitive options are available. 


Classes are made fun, but focus on the importance of fitness, discipline, good mindset, anti bullying and much more.




Ages 4 - 6  This class is a 5 level program that separates the first level in our regular youth programs.  It focuses mainly on their attributes and fundamental movement skills.  Balance, Co-ordination, timing, agility, learning the basics of proper structure. We get them used to a Martial Arts class setting as well as gradings to build confidence.  This program is interactive for the kids and designed to be fun while teaching valuable life lessons such as goal setting.


The Senior Wushu Class

Ages 7 - 14 focuses on defense, forms, and light to hard striking, when, where and why we use or do not use.  Confidence, discipline, leadership, strength, endurance, conditioning, agility, focus, proper mind frame, quick thinking, Self empowerment, physical fitness, goal setting, Anti Bullying and more!   

Kids Sparring Team

Ages 7 & up This class is currently for students who wish to take their training in self defense or for competition, to the next level..  We focus on many things that are often harder to practice during a large class.  This class give some special attention to the details that really bring your training to life!  Extra equipment is required