Competitive & Non-competitive classes

Since kickboxing is a broad term that can be used both in a wide and narrow sense, this can make understanding the history somewhat difficult. Some of the earliest forms of kickboxing included the various Indochinese martial arts especially muay boran, which developed into modern muay thai.

However, in terms of modern competition, it was during the 1950s that a Japanese karateka named Tatsuo Yamada first established an outline of a new sport that combined karate and muay thai.


This was further explored during the early 1960s, when competitions between karate and Muay Thai began, which allowed for rule modifications to take place. By the middle of the decade the first true kickboxing events were being held in Osaka.


By the 1970s and 1980s the sport had expanded beyond Japan and had reached North America and Europe. It was during this time that many of the most prominent governing bodies were formed.


  • In Japan the sport was widely popular and was regularly broadcast on television before going into a dark period during the 1980s.

  • In North America the sport had unclear rules so kickboxing and full contact karate were essentially the same sport.

  • In Europe the sport found marginal success but did not thrive until the 1990s.


Since the 1990s the sport has been mostly dominated by the Japanese K-1 promotion, with some competition coming from other promotions and mostly pre-existing governing bodies.


Along with the growing popularity in competition, there has been an increased amount of participation and exposure in the mass media, fitness, and self-defense.

At Oshawa Wing Chun & Martial arts, we focus mainly on k1 Kickboxing, however, we provide options for competition in K1, Muay Thai, & San Shou rules.

Price List for Kickboxing (Family Plans Available)

There is a 1 time yearly membership and insurance fee of $50.00

Registrations can be done in 3 Month, 6 Month, or 1 Year Intervals.  Monthly payments are only available if a valid Credit Card is left on file. 



Register for                    Monthly Rate               1 Time Payment         1 Time Savings      

 3 Months                            $120.00                           $350.00                         $10.00

 6 Months                            $110.00                           $630.00                         $30.00

 12 Months                         $100.00                           $1100.00                       $100.00



 Red Shorts Program               /                                $4000.00                      Thousands


 Private Lessons                      /                               $50.00 / Hour

Schedule for the Kickboxing Program

Membership Policy

Class Fees and club etiquette:

A class fee is often misconstrued as the student paying for the art, when in actuality, the art is free. One could never afford to pay for the experience and time that the Sifu has been through to bring these arts to you, the students. In fact, the student pays for the lights and the roof. Everyone must pay & pay on time. This is one of the highest ways to show your support and dedication to your club and your kung fu family. Without everyone contributing, clubs don't stay open. We ask that you show respect for your club, your kung fu family, your sifu, and yourself!



JUST LIKE THE RENT, CLASS FEES ARE DUE BY THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH! The cost is a set amount every month based on the cost of the facilities. It is not based on your attendance. Classes are still open and running even if you are unable to attend regularly. This is a part of your agreement in joining our family. Students that attend classes regularly and maintain an at home practice regime excel the fastest. It is up to you, the student, to dedicate yourself and make the equipment fees worth your investment in money and time.


Class Start time is set the same every week! Late members will be asked to do 50 pushups before joining in on class.


It is polite to say thank you when a student takes the time to help you in your training. Bowing to your partner afterwards is a great way to show that you appreciate their time.


You must always bow before entering or leaving the training grounds.


Uniforms (if applicable) are mandatory in class. They consist of "black pants (NO LOGO'S), club shirt (black or white), colored sash, Feivue’s or indoor shoes". Please respect these requirements at all times!  Those who show up to class without full proper uniform will be asked to do 100 pushups before joining class.