Grand Master Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) by Master Walter Jakimczuk

(9th Level Grand Master Degree)

Sunny Tang is a Second-Generation Disciple of the late Grand Master Yip Man.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, his training began there in 1960 under Grand Master Moy Yat.  Then, in 1969, Tang Sifu established his first Ving Tsun school in Worcester, England.


In 1971, he emigrated from England to Toronto, Canada.  Over the last thirty years Grand Master Tang has spread the art of Ving Tsun throughout Canada, and has the largest Ving Tsun organization in the country.  He has always been an active member of the Canadian Chinese community holding such offices as Commissioner of IWUF Traditional Wushu Commission; President of United Wushu Federation of Canada;  First Vice-President of the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations; and, Vice-President of the Pan-American Wushu Federation.


Sunny Tang is so respected in the Chinese community that he was selected by the Canadian government to perform a video demonstration and personal interview at the museum of Civilization in Ottawa.  Furthermore he was also honored to perform for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in Ottawa, on behalf of the Canadian government.


People from all walks of life have practiced Ving Tsun under Grand Master Tang.  Many of his advanced students have established their own schools or have their own students.


My Sifu holds seminars on Ving Tsun kung fu in various places, Local and overseas.  He travels to spread the Ving Tsun system to the United States, Europe, London England, and China.  Grand Master Sunny Tang won a Gold Medal at the World Traditional Masters competition in China, 2003.  In November 1999, he traveled to Hong Kong and Fatshan and was recognized by the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association.  He is the Preeminent representative of Ving Tsun in Canada.


Over the years he has made friends as well as students who speak very highly of the man as a great human being.  So much is he loved and respected that in April, 1993 approximately five hundred people gathered in Toronto, including Grand Master Moy Yat, to honor the man who brought Ving Tsun kung fu to Canada.


I hasten to add that Grand Master Sunny Tang spent much time with his neighbor from across the street, Grand Master Yip Man, who brought Ving Tsun to Hong Kong in 1949.  Both men knew each other quite well and socialized frequently; additionally, my Sifu was permitted to be present when knowledge was dispensed, and thus gained insight into the workings of a truly great Ving Tsun mind.