This Dynamic program incorporates many different types of exercises to help sculpt and shape the body. A combination of punches, kicks, knee's, elbows, cardio training, endurance building, fat burning, muscle toning, and much more.


We give you the option to chose your own intensity level.  Class programing consists of the following:


A combination of Kickboxing drills and combos, Core and cardio workouts with some active rests, are sure test you with each class and push you to the limits!


This class suites any level from beginner to pro.


All equipment can be purchased through us.


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Price List for Fitness Kickboxing (Family Plans Available)

Fitness Kickboxing (10+)

First Class Free

$60.00 / Month – Unlimited classes

$150.00 / Seasonal Fee - 3 Months

$280.00 / 6 Month Membership

$530.00 / Year – 1 Year Membership

Schedule for Fitness Kickboxing

Monday:  7:00pm - 8:00pm


Thursday:  7:00pm - 8:00pm


Friday:  7:00pm - 8:00pm

For this class, we ask that you wear comfy clothes.  All members are asked to go barefoot and require Boxing gloves. 

Gloves will and can be provided for those who are going through the trial classes.